Acting happy when you're sad isn't really a hypocrite thing to do


I just watched a video on Youtube on how to get over a break up. (Now, now, I'm not in the verge of post-break-up thing because I never get involved in any relationship thanks) And then there was this part where the video said that to overcome the depression of breaking up, we need to be happy and let others see us as a cheerful person with no worries. Then the vlogger said to her friend who was under pressure of the broken relationship, "Let's go out, have fun, watch movies, do that and this," and her friend responded, "If I act happy in front of people whereas inside I'm tortured as hell, wouldn't that be a hypocrite thing to do?"

My answer is, NO, you're not being hypocrite just by showing that you're happy when really, you're just as sad as the twelve publishers that turned down J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter's manuscripts years ago.

The thing about happy is that when you're happy, it affects others so easily. Seeing someone smiling and laughing can make our day (except if you're an asshole that hates everything people do, so you are really screwed and need to seek help). Yes, people don't know what we're really facing inside, but at least by showing that we are as happy as troubled people can be happy, then, you yourselves can enjoy the little things, too.

Spending time with friends when you're so feeling down, at first you'd feel that you're pushing yourselves too far by going to have fun with them. Well, believe me, when you start your 'having fun' thing, you can't never go back and your happiness is real, not just a mask to keep hidden your misery. By 'acting' happy, that means you're trying to get yourselves to feel the real emotion of being happy, so when you are finally adapting to the happiness you're trying to reach, you will feel it for real.

Define 'hypocrite'. As in my case, I think hypocrite means doing something good you don't mean to do so that people would see you as a good person, but the truth is you did the thing just for the sake of fame and hurting others.

Happiness is a bless, it's something's that is so much. You can feel happy even when you're sad, and when you're really happy or you're in love or when you're riding a bike but you fall and then you hurt your knee or something, you can still be happy because if you don't fall, you'd never find out the metaphor of falling a bike is very similar to when your life is falling apart, because, how you manage to get up and endure your pain and face the challenges ahead are the things that really matter in the end.

If you think by acting happy you're being a hypocrite, I gladly disagree with you. You can choose to be happy or sad or broken or anything. Choose the right feeling, so that it will give you strength to move on and inspiration to get on with your lives. Even when you're sad and you feel like the world is against you, CHOOSE to be HAPPY. Only by being happy that you can get over your sadness and depression and pressure.

There's nothing wrong in being happy. I like being happy. At times when depression weighs me down, I'd see happy people and I'd smile, because someone in this world is happy although I am not and that's enough to keep me going for the rest of the crappy day.

Smile, don't worry happy. :)




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