I'm Divergent (more to Amity, though, actually)

This is my result for my aptitude test. If you watch (or read Divergent), you'd know about this. Basically Abnegation is a faction of selfless people, Amity the kind (and happy and peaceful), Candor people who tell the truth all the time and are diligent in detecting lies, Dauntless is the brave faction and finally the faction of geniuses and intelligent people; Erudite.


My second test is better than the first one, though I lack bravery for the second test. BUT, my genius points have increased so I'm not stupid anymore (who said you are, Fifiey, oh for goodness' sake... -_-) Well I still got Amity and Abnegation the highest. Meh, I got the same percentage for all Abnegation, Candor and Dauntless! AND I'M SUPER KIND BECAUSE WHEN YOU LOOK AT THOSE BARS, AMITY STANDS OUT BEAUTIFULLY LOL

My degree of selflessness has also increased. Really? Of all the factions, I'd rather be in 1) Amity (yes, because I like peacefulness) 2) Erudite and 3) Dauntless. Abnegation sounds boring and pale and NOT PINK. -________- Well, you can't wear pink and red (this is why I really belong to the Amity faction) and yellow and violet and blue in Abnegation because you'd only know the colour grey grey grey grey grey! Dull as an abandoned castle. Candor? To be frank, Veronica Roth didn't really explain the Candor faction well (or if she purposely made Candor sound uninviting, I don't really know), so I never want to be in Candor.

This aptitude test is taken before Choosing Day, to let you see a glimpse of which faction you really belong. When you turn 16 or 18, you have to choose. Only the five.

Divergent? It means you possess all of the qualities of five of the factions equally. It means, you are genetically pure - a GP lolololol.

You can take the test here.