Sedia pistol pls

Tembak doa.


InsyaAllah, Allah dengar doa kita. Untuk saudara-saudara kita di Palestin, untuk kita.

Never underestimate the power of doa.

Yesterday, a senior went up front to make an announcement -- all students would have to move to another college by this week, but their lecturers and orang atasan tengah arrange untuk tak payah pindah. And then the senior said, "Nanti buatlah solat hajat sendiri sendiri supaya tak payah pindah."

His audience laughed. I was thinking, "What is so funny?" Kalau kita nak something, kita doa. Kalau tak nak, nak hindarkan, kita doa. There's no wrong and no limit in asking for anything from Allah, even for the slightest thing as not having to move or getting a kind and soft demonstrator.

The most important thing is that, WE BELIEVE, HAVE FAITH IN HIM.

Doa. Our most powerful weapon.

May Allah bless.