One step ahead

The thing is
If we were both brave enough
We'd be one step ahead

I don't know
I don't know how he felt
How he feels
But I do know how I felt

Often I underestimate myself
I still do
Because that won't change

But then I remember
The way he talked to me
The way he blushed
The way he tried to avoid my gaze
when I asked him a favour
The way he called my name
to borrow or ask for my stuff
The way he just stared at me
when we met anywhere but
at that one place

The way he tried to approach me
but I got away

Well maybe that was only me
Now I can only shrug
And smile whenever she speaks of him
How they converse with each other
How their bond works
How she really wants him

I may not know about his feelings
But her feelings are not something that I'm oblivious to
I'll be taking my own way
I'm retreating my steps
I'm going to beat this
I'll forget him
because I know they deserve each other


Now that I'm over him
I'm going to live a life
Free of crushes

Now that I'm a nineteen-year-old girl
I'm freeing myself of these feelings
I'm letting go all of these heartbreaks

And live a more meaningful life.

To Mr. I, thanks for stopping by! :)

-Fifiey's 19th Birthday


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