Day 5: Asakusa, Tokyo Cruise, Odaiba and Masjid Tokyo

Hiiiii assalamualaikum! My mood for blogging went down for a few days hehehe. I didn't even switch on my laptop. So, today is about Day 5 in Japan!

We kicked off from our hotel early in the morning after breakfast. Of course, it was the routine destination, which was the Monzen-Nakacho station. The plan was to head for Asakusa, to buy souvenirssssssssssss!

And so, we arrived there and everyone went about their own way. I walked around with Su at first, and I found a shop that sold 6 magnets for 1200Y... I guess, I can't recall. Hahahahahhaa. So I bought 12 magnets. Lolz. Do set in mind that if you are to go traveling, NEVER compare their currency with ours. If you do so, you won't be buying anything because everything's gonna feel like, "Weh mahalnya." Pffft

Here, in Japan, 100Y is like, RM1 in Malaysia. Although the current exchange rate is 100Y is about RM3.08. Getting a canned carbonated for 100Y is considered as normal.

Okay, back to Asakusa shopping.

I was giving some cash to the shopkeeper when Su called me and showed me a stuffed bunny. Funny thing was, that bunny could imitate us. Kinda like Tom the cat application in your Androids. I tried some naughty words HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAH but I'd like them to be my secret and Su's. Hahahahaahah

Tak tahu lah ni benda apa, ambik jelah gambar en, mana tahu retis

After that we walked again and I stopped for key chains. When I got out of the shop, Su was nowhere to be seen, and Asakusa is a crowded place. I couldn't find her, so I moved along to the next shops alone, and found Ain Mamarazzi, Anis and Diyana. Moments later, Su found me and was complaining that I left her alone hahahahahahahahahahah sorry Su xD

Maksud dia kalau kau tengah makan benda benda manis sampai meleleh kat jari jangan ngengada nak sentuh barang kat kedai dia nanti bersemut

Then, it was only shopping shopping shopping. I bought a couple of T-shirts and a bunch of key chains. In the end everyone got split up again and I was left with Ain Mamarazzi, so she had to put up with me (since I asked her to take pics of me every second hahahhaaha)

I wanted to eat the ice-cream but I didn't know whether it could be eaten or not, so I didn't get any.......only to discover that it could be eaten afterwards after asking Sensei and Kak Zarith (a third-year senior studying in Japan). Huhuhu

*insecure sebab Kak Zarith tinggi sangat*

We gathered again around 12 noon, and headed for the erm, Tokyo Cruise place? Hahahahahah, we took some pictures before boarding the ship sailing around Tokyo, heading to Tokyo Bay.

Tokyo Bay consists of several islands and most of them are artificial ones, meaning that sometime before this, all of the land was covered with water.

Okay, so, upon reaching Tokyo Bay, we could see some people hanging around the bay, like, enjoying themselves under the sun. We didn't get to do that, by the way. So we walked around Odaiba, and got to the train station (again). There, we stopped at a 24-hour mart to get some onigiri.

There was this salmon onigiri that most of us had bought and were about to eat (uh, in my case, I had already eaten one whole of it, and I had a spare one), then Bro Faris (Twin B) came and asked, "Siapa beli onigiri salmon tadi? Jangan makan lagi!" Yeah right -_______- It turned out there was some kind pati ayam in there and um, cannot eat la. But I had eaten one.......okay it's okay I didn't know huhuhu

After the whole onigiri issue, we proceeded to board the train, heading for Yoyogi. Wherever that is. Hahahahahhah. We went to Masjid Tokyo, and Kak Zarith said that it is the biggest mosque in Japan. I was like, wow. The masjid is like, so small compared to our big masjids in Malaysia. Huhuhu. But it's a beautiful masjid.

There was this imam, I guess, he's Japanese and so shy that he saw us, had this awkward face, and said, "Welcome to Japan!" in a very sheepish way and then ran inside the masjid. Dah macam anak dara dah aku tengok. Wakakakakakaka

We solat jama' Zohor and Asar there, before heading to another part of Tokyo to eat. A Pakistani restaurant with the name 2 x 2 = 8 hmm I don't know how they did their Maths, but whatever I was hungry. For the first time in Japan, we got to eat ayam goreng. Nyum nyum. Everyone filled their plates full. So hungry, we were.

Lapaq kebuloq ayam

After eating, we bid farewell to Kak Zarith since she had to go back to her place :') Then, we walked to the train station again to head back to Monzen-Nakacho. During our walk, everyone got so hyper that we laughed and joked like we owned the place (actually it was only Faz who was laughing like mad but whatever hahahahaha)

Sensei told us to get some rest before night came, where he wanted to hold a small ceremony to give out our certificates (from Wakayama University). So at 9pm, we went downstairs and at about 10.30pm the ceremony was done and we headed back to our rooms. I phoned other rooms (since I suddenly became the ketua so I had their rooms numbers), saying that we were going to PARTAYYYYYYYYY that night since it was our last night HAHAHAHAHAHAH

So at 11.15pm everyone gathered in my room.......imagine 19 people in a single small room. Hotel rooms in Tokyo are not very spacious, in fact, a room for two isn't like what you have in Malaysia. Maybe half the space of the rooms in Malaysia. Lol. And we got "tauhu sumbat"ed in my room. Most of them sat on the floor, eating Maggi and stuff, a few of us on the bed.

The room was so seriously packed that we felt like we were immigrants from Bangladesh huahuahuahua

We joked around and laughed like crazy (we were having a party, remember? hahahahahah) so we didn't know when or how it'd end. Iman wasn't with us, so Haidah called her room number and asked Iman to come. So Iman came with a lil surprise! She was at the door and calling for Haidah, but everyone heard.

Iman: I think I might have done something stupid.
Haidah: Kau tinggal kunci dalam bilik eh?
Iman: A'ah..............

And from there everything went berserk. Ain Sha and Shamira, who were sitting on the bed, just realised that they had done the same thing, having left the room key in their room. So, Ain Sha, like a ninja, hopped away from her spot, stepped on the mattress that made it unbalanced, and with a remaining maggi nearby, the Maggi spilled on Chew and my BED!!!!!!!!!!! And everyone was like, "Noooooo!" and I was screaming, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! My bed!!!!!!!" K

The party ended right away hahahahahhahahahahah, but a few of them stayed to gossip and joke some more. We pulled out the cadar and all and left it beside the bed. Huhuhuhuhu.

Later on, everyone got back to their rooms and went to sleeeeeeeeeep. What a night! Hahahahahahah


Bye! After this, Day 6, and MSKP! (EH?)