Day 6: Ueno, Ginza and Akihabara


Day 6 consists of nothing else than more shopping and eating. In the morning we headed straight for Ueno for more souvenirs. I didn't get anything since I'd bought my fair amount of souvenirs at Asakusa. So, my trip to Ueno only involved wandering around the place with Iman, Haidah and Ain Mamarazzi. Okay, I did stop for buah potong which was tawar ahaks :')

After Ueno, we went to Masjid Ueno, which was so comfortable and nice. We could spend all day there hahahahahaahaha we solat jama' and berjemaah Zohor and Asar. We lepak lepak for a while before marching for a Malaysian restaurant owned by Malaysian Chinese in Ginza. It is quite famous. Sensei said if any of the orang kenamaan Malaysia came to Japan, they'd order food from this restaurant.

And the best thing is, the owner sponsored our meal! They served sambal sotong, kangkung masak belacan (the best vegie dish I've ever tasted, keep in mind that I don't eat that much veges), telur dadar and Miso soup (not exactly Miso soup, but with a bit of Malaysian taste, hmm somewhere there ahaks)

This is us taking a picture in front of the restaurant

After getting ourselves full, we went to Akihabara. I thought it was another place to buy souvenirs (like Asakusa and Ueno), but I was greeted by a 9-floor building. I guess it was 9 la, I almost forgot the small details, lulz. Floor 1 was all phones and stuffs. Floor 2 was idontremember. Floor 3 got cameras and computers and headphones. I got a pair of headphones ehehe :3

I wandered around with Ain Mamarazzi for some time, then she needed to go to the toilet. So I walked alone since there. I went up and down, rounded each of the floor. I got to see some 3D printer which was like, super cool.

And then I saw a few types of portable printers. Very classy and I have wanted to have one since PASUM. But I didn't buy the printer because erm, I thought it'd be susah to bawak balik to Malaysia, but then... IT WAS FREAKING PORTABLE AND SMALL K! -_- When I told my parents and Angah about the printer, they were like, "Apasal tak beli?" HUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU Sensei let's go back to Japan please

So, uh, after Akihabara, we went back to our hotel to hail some taxis, to the bus station for Haneda Airport. We bid farewell to Toyoko Inn, huhuhu kinda sad leaving Tokyo so soon.

Waiting for the bus

At the bus station, there was this pakcik gatal (Japanese) who stopped by us to have a conversation. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH we had a picture with him but I couldn't find it in my gallore.

Byebye Monzen-Nakacho :'(

So, as soon as we boarded the bus, I fell asleep. Huhuhu it was a tiring day and I didn't want to leave Japan so soon. About an hour later we reached Haneda, and together we went inside. We performed our solat first before checking our bags in. A friendly reminder that the check-in process in Japan is not as smooth as in Malaysia. Lama gila baqhang beratoq. It felt similar to the queue at USJ and Disneyland. Lulz.

After that, we went about the airport, searching for food. There was a halal restaurant but it was getting late and they couldn't serve food in time for us, so we got ourselves some onigiri at Lawson (thanks Lawson, for providing us food throughout the whole trip hahaha).

Once we got into the departure gate, it was time to say byebye to Japan.

During our flight take-off, I could see a few of the staff working on ground, bowing us passengers goodbye. HUWAAAAAAAAAAA I am so gonna miss Japan and its friendly people.

So there, goodbye Japan. *tears forming*

We reached KLIA2 at 6 in the morning, and bid farewell to each other (especially the ones who were staying in KL and Selangor and Putrajaya). My girls. :(

We had a big mighty breakfast and it was Sensei's treat u.u Arigatou gozaimasu, Sensei!

I had to wait for my flight at 4pm, so yeah, I was left alone after Ain Sha and Chew's flight at 1pm. Byebye, everyone. Take care.


It was indeed a wonderful experience for me. I had been to Japan once, but what did I know back then? And I had never been on any vacation with my friends, so it was kinda fun traveling with friends. Although at first I didn't even know most of them, but we grew up on each other rather fast. I'm glad I met these girls and of course after this life wouldn't be the same without them. I am going to miss everyone :')

These kinds of experiences are hard to find, and I am grateful that I chose to join this trip.

Actually, the real story is... My family was supposed to go to Spain this year, Walid, Ummi, Angah, Amuh and I. After I finished PASUM. But then, Angah and Amuh are to get married, so Walid cancelled the trip, saving money for their weddings.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, since I'm not in the "to-get-married-this-year" list, I requested to join the Japan trip.

Me before the trip: Everyone else wants to get married, go on, but me, I'm going for a vacay :p

That's all for now. BYE! :3