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FILM REVIEW | Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018)

Assalamualaikum! Hi there, everyone!

This year is the final year for The Maze Runner series! I'm so glad its third movie is already here, I mean, it's JANUARY! We rarely get good, hyped-up movies this early. I went to see the movie yesterday with Kakti.

The plot can be summarised in a simple sentence: Thomas and Newt's search for Minho.

I don't remember much from the second movie but the important details/plot were somewhere inside my brain along with some other rusty things lol, so watching The Death Cure brought back those details into the surface and I was able to understand the final part of the trilogy.

Besides, I've read the books, so, it's kinda impossible to forget the important things that happened in the books/movies.

The film opens with Brenda (the short-haired pixie cut chick from Maze Runner 2) and Jorge ('hor-hay' the father figure to Brenda) trying to hijack a train or something, and then we see Thomas and Vince (who? I …