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SPM 2017 and the memories

Hai assalamualaikum! Today I just have to write something because it's SPM results day and I witnessed some scenes at my former high school today that bring back all the memories of MY SPM  results day back in 2013.

Anyway, I actually forgot that today was the day that SPM 2017 results came out officially. I promised my friends to hand over a questionnaire to my beloved counselor, Cikgu Rabiah, for a group assignment. And today was also the last day of school before the one-week break, so it was a busy day for all the teachers and staff.

I went to school anyway. I was supposed to hand over the questionnaire form to Cikgu Rabiah but she was in the middle of the SPM results ceremony where the emcee would be announcing students' names that got 9As, 10As, and 11As and these students would go up along with their parents and take their result slips from Tuan Pengetua.

Cikgu asked me to sit next to her, which was at the most front and near the stage.... She was in charge of the Unit…

Black Panther: Finally

Hiiiii assalamualaikum! I'm hereeee and guess what, of course I'm here because of A MOVIE! Mwehehe.

Apparently after a month (almost la) of Black Panther's first premiere, I got to watch the film!

I don't intend for this post to be a movie review but no one will believe me, right? Including me. EHEHEH

See, the problem was I didn't have anyone to go watch the movie with. I've never went to the cinema to see a movie alone. And when it comes to Marvel movies, I usually go with my Marvel best buds: Piah and Kakti. Since they're not around, I don't have anyone. My closest circle of friends in UniSZA does not like superhero movies, so yeah here I am.

Until recently I'd been talking to another friend of mine, Che Qah we call her (we're classmates but only this semester I got the chance to be in the same group with her) about Black Panther. She hadn't seen it, too, along with her beauty gang: Ila, Dhor, and Thivia.

Hence, today!