Short Story: Willowplace.


The teacher walked into the classroom. It was the first period and everyone rushed to their seats. I could see their eyes were still tired and faces swollen from the last night's attack. Miss Prior, the teacher standing in front of the classroom was our English teacher, came all the way from Puissant, the biggest influenced city in the state of Harmonny. The people there were mostly elegant and vogue and erudite even, because the city was all but indigent. The city was the heart to all Harmonny. Without Puissant, the state would fade to nothingness. Miss Prior was graceful, just like her people in Puissant. Sadly, her appearances didn't suit her attitude at all. Her sudden piercing voice rang into our ears.

"Filthy kids! Open page 19, right now!" her eyes were sharp as an eagle's, looking through her students' faces.

Everyone obeyed, reaching for the literature book she was talking about except.... Helena Morgan. My best friend. Her house was ravaged last night from the vicious attack. She and her family had been removed to one of the safehouses in our city (not much of a city, anyway), Willowplace. Yep, that was what our city was called. She was looking nervous. And then her head turned and her eyes came darting towards me, who was sitting at the second row next to hers.

Our eyes met and I could see the frightened look in her big hazel eyes. And then I was met with the colour blue, of Miss Prior's dress. She was towering over Helena with her arms folded. I didn't see her face or expression because her back was on me but from the other students' faces, I knew she was making Helena's heart sinking.

"Where is your book, Miss Morgan?" she demanded. She moved to the front of the classroom, but her eyes were still on Helena.

"It got burned down last night, with the attack and all," Helena's small voice was the only sound in the room. It was like everyone was holding their breaths.

Miss Prior shook her head with a menacing smile. "And that is all, Miss Morgan?"

I noticed the guy in front of me, Arthur McKenzie, was staring at Miss Prior with a tight face. That was not a way to look at a teacher. I knew Miss Prior did not make a good teacher, but still...

"You blame the attack? Don't you have enough money to buy the book at the nearby store?" her words were like thunders to us, the penniless children of Willowplace.

Willowplace was a sad city. Plants did not grow here. Animals died each day due to diseases. The streets were logs of broken pieces of the buildings. We were not like this five years back. We were fine. Even better than Puissant. And maybe that was all it took for Puissant to bring down Willowplace, because we were better. And Puissant could not take it if other city overcome their mightiness.

I was jerked awake when Arthur yelled, "It was your people that attacked our city!" and chaos erupted.

I didn't realize the kids - my fellow classmates - were now throwing chairs and desks to the teacher and they crashed upon meeting the whiteboard. I ducked, avoiding the chairs and desk - and now, they were launching all the stationery or things they could reach - towards Miss Prior. I ran to the back of the class, with Helena beside me. She was clutching my right hand tightly. And she was sweating. She was in awe upon seeing the class in chaos. I watched, too. The kids were shouting at Miss Prior with all their might. And the teacher was shielding herself under her desk.

I knew this would happen someday. And it had. The Puissants had pushed these kids to their limits. The attack they launched last night was the climax. Our fathers had died, our mothers had been tortured, brothers and sisters being slaughtered...

"Why aren't we joining them?" I heard my voice whisper.

I saw at the corner of my eyes that Helena was now staring at me. Her eyes were watery. I didn't look at her.

"Because... We're afraid?" she said quietly.

I shook my head. "No. I'm not afraid."

She didn't have time to respond because suddenly the room was crowded with Guardians - the policemen made from Puissant - straining every kid in the room, except me and Helena who were watching. I had no idea how the Guardians knew about the commotion here but I suspected Miss Prior had contacted someone under that desk of hers.

Brutally, all the students the Guardians that had gotten hold of, were being taken out of the classroom. The last one - I thought he was the leader of the Guardians - smiled and held out his hand for Miss Prior under the desk. She got out of her nest and smiled to the Guardian leader, then their eyes suddenly fell on us at the back of the classroom. The leader's smile quickly faded.

"What are you two doing back there?" his voice thundered the room.

Miss Prior pointed her finger on Helena. "You!" her eyes went wide. "You cause this! Arrest her! Captain Chase!" Captain? I didn't think he was more than two years older than me.

And Captain Chase called someone using his walkie talkie. Helena clutched my arms really hard that it hurt. I winced. She didn't even notice.

Two Guardians appeared at the door. Captain Chase instructed one of the Guardian something and the Guardian came to me - no, to Helena - and grabbed her ferociously. I felt nothing. Except a part of me had been shredded to pieces because they just caught my best friend. I did nothing. I just stared, at Helena, Miss Prior and Captain Chase.

"Miss Evans..." Miss Prior started. Her expression was not bitter this time.

I gulped. "Y..yes?"

She gestured for me to come near her. I obeyed.

"You didn't join your classmates just now?" Captain Chase's strong voice caught me on guard. I stared.

Miss Prior cleared her throat. "No, I did not, Captain," I answered flatly. My answer had enlighten Miss Prior's mood.

"Good girl!" she patted me on the shoulder and went out with the Guardian waiting at the door. I just watched, again.

I did not know what to do. All my friends, my classmates and even my best friend were caught and being taken to who-knows-where. And the fact that I was not with them made me sick. We were of the same class, the same city, even. Why wasn't I with them right now? Why was I safe here? And my best friend, the only one who understood me, who knew me, was also arrested. But my emotions were stable. At least, for now.

The Captain's voice jolted me out to reality. "It was a good thing you didn't attack the teacher," he said.

"She is my teacher."

He looked shocked a bit but his straight face remained there. I looked at him, he was wearing a black uniform with red lines on the shoulders and waist. Other Guardians wore black high-technology helmets, but his head was bare. He looked strong than any other Guardians, maybe that was why he was chosen as the captain. He had a handsome pale face with deep green eyes. I had never seen any Guardian this close before and never thought they would be as good-looking as him. But there was something...something familiar about him. He noticed I was staring and studying him.

I looked elsewhere. "Where should I go now? School is supposed to be over at one, but now it's only ten. Besides, I can't study here, with all these ruins," my voice still sounded flat.

He cleared his throat. Maybe I should offer some water, but I didn't have any. "Go home," he said.

I sighed. It was the answer I was expecting. "Okay."

My eyes went around the room and found my bag lying helplessly on the floor. I went to collect it, and let my legs walk me out of the classroom.

" careful," his sudden tone made me hesitate for a while, but I kept on walking.

I walked past through a few classrooms and I realized all of the students and teachers were following me with their eyes. I never gazed back at them. I was thinking something else. The captain. He called me Rachel. He knew my name. How did he know? And yet I thought I noticed something familiar about him. I wasn't famous at school, I was just a quiet girl with her own world, and maybe with her best friend, Helena. But that was all. I was never popular. I was the opposite of it. Only a few of the teachers remembered my name, even though I always got good grades. I was quiet most of the time.

Then I my mind shifted to something else on the road just outside the school fence. Helena's favorite scarf, all torn and dirty. She would never do that to that scarf, I gave her that on her fifteenth birthday! I did not see her wearing it today, but she could still keep it somewhere in her pockets or sweater. I picked it up and felt the smooth silky scarf. I bought it at a backyard sale two years ago. It cost me two weeks of my savings, but I did not mind buying something for a beloved one. I felt a lump in my throat and my eyes became watery. I never cried and I would not change that now. I rubbed my eyes and took a deep breath. There was something building inside me. Determination.

They took all of my classmates, but worst of all, they took my best friend. I would not allow that to happen. I did not know where they were taking my friends, but the Puissants must have asked the Guardians to torture my friends and made them regret for causing the riot. Those kids, maybe they never talked to me, or even noticed my present, but still they were my friends. And Helena was with them.

I had to save them, by hook or by crook. I quickened my pace and finally I ended up running to my house, at the end of the street. It was a nice home, enough for me, my parents and my brother. I ran really hard and ignored the pain from my legs. My heart was now not enough of oxygen, but I kept running and running until I reached the front door. I panted and put my hands on my knees. I let the oxygen came in and imagined the respiration process I'd learned in Biology. This was an anaerobic respiration.

My hand was about to knock the door, but my elder brother, William, opened it first and was shocked to see me. He eyed me suspiciously.

"Why are you home so early?" he asked.

I shrugged. "Arthur, that guy in class, yelled at the teacher. And then all kids started throwing things at her. The Guardians came and took them away. Class dismissed," I answered.

Will's eyes went wide. He hugged me really tight until it was so hard for me to breathe. But then he released me, his face suspicious again.

"Why aren't you caught?" it was the most ridiculous thing to ask. Did he really want me to get arrested?

I sighed. "I didn't do anything. I went to the back of the class with Helena. Helena was caught, too, because the teacher claimed she was the cause. She didn't bring her literature book because it was burned down with her house last night."

He hugged me again and sighed out of relief. I heard him say, "I'm just glad you did nothing."

"I'm going to save them," I said quietly and he broke the hug, his grips on my shoulders. He stared into my eyes.

"You are not serious? You won't get past the Guardians."

And then I became fierce. "HELENA IS WITH THEM! I HAVE TO SAVE HER!" I shouted at him.

He went silent. I pushed past him and went into the house, landed on the soft couch in the living room. I had to think of a way to save them. I needed to have a plan. Or not. I could just randomly go find the place where they were keeping my friends and break it open. As simple as that. But it was not as simple if I had to go past through a dozen of Guardians. It was as if I had any weapons, neither could I use one. I let out a desperate sigh.

"I'll help. I have a friend who can help," Will was standing next to the couch. I looked up at him. The hope bloomed.

I nodded. "Then we'll be great allies," I winked at him. He smiled.

"Before the sun goes down, we must get to him. Maybe you'll see Helena tonight," he said.

That evening, after dressing up as casual as possible, I shoved my backpack onto my shoulders. Inside it was ropes and food (just in case I got hungry). Will had told Mom and Dad that we were going for a private party tonight. I waited for him outside the door, carefully eyeing the street in front of me. I gazed at two Guardians who were patrolling the little street I lived in. My brother got out of the house, grabbed my hand and our adventure began. He said we would be meeting his friend at an old broken hut next to a stream.

Our journey was not easy. We had to sneak past through half a dozen Guardians and run through a small forest to get to the stream. There were a lot of turns and bushes. I never went for jungle trekking before, but my first time was not as bad. I managed to go along with Will. He was used to the forest. He even knew how to hunt. The brief journey was ended shortly when I saw the old hut he mentioned earlier.

The hut did not have any doors. It was a total ruin. From afar, I could see a familiar figure with the black outfit. I stopped abruptly. Will did, too. He turned to me. He frowned.

"What?" he demanded.

"That...that's a Guardian. We'll walking straight to a Guardian," I said.

Will laughed shortly. "That's the friend I was talking about," he retorted.

And at the same moment, the Guardian inside the old hut saw us. He jumped off the hut and stood in front of it. He was stern in his posture, his eyes on us. Will kept on walking toward his friend, but I stayed there. It could not be. He was supposed to be....Captain Chase. The leader of the Guardians.

My brother shook his hands with him and they talked casually like they were friends for ages. And maybe they were. My legs involuntarily moved to them. Captain Chase welcomed me with a stare. Will was grinning.

"Hi, Captain," I greeted.

Captain Chase smiled. "No need to call me Captain here, Rachel. Just Steve," he replied boldly.

I shrugged and looked at Will. "You don't remember him, do you?" Will asked.

"Will and I were good friends back then. I didn't rebel, like you did this morning, so I was taken to Puissant to become a Guardian. The only Guardian from Willowplace. Fortunately, five years ago, Will had a fever on the day of the rebellion because Puissant attacked Willowplace, so he was saved. Our other classmates got tormented and some were killed during the torture. Others were either traumatized, insane or scared of the world," he explained.

I remembered the day Will got the fever. It was raining bombs in Willowplace. I was thirteen. Mom and Dad had told me to stay inside and took care of Will. I never knew where they went, but Will hugged me closely when Puissant stormed our beloved city with bombs, guns and even poisons. And they left us with destruction. Until now.

And Captain Chase - I mean Steve - did the same thing as me. He did not rebel, did not fight. In the end, he was gladly appointed as a Guardian and then became the leader. And now he was a traitor. To Puissant.

"You betray Puissant?" the only question that came in mind was that.

He looked determined. "Puissant is not my city. The people there are not my people. Willowplace is the place I was born. And they destroyed it. They slaughter my people. I will not let my people get slaughtered anymore," he said. But he was the leader...?

"A revenge needs strategy. Mine is working for Puissant and become an important role to them. And then will I have the chance to defeat them, with Willowplace people united," he added. "Now, let's get to the real point. You're going to save your friends. But first of all, we need to clear the city. Tell the citizens to gather here, exactly here. Will and I can do it, while you go to the building next to your school and here, take this," he handed me a key, and continued, "Open the door at the back of the building with this. Your friends are there. Get them out and lead them to safety, which is, at the mean time, is here."

I searched for his eyes. "Why should I trust you? You're already a traitor," I said.

He took both of my hands. I heard Will whistled. "I didn't do this for nothing. I have a reason to save my people. And saving the only girl I love," he stared deep into my eyes.

Okay, this was going awkward. I pulled my hands and went beside Will. My heart was beating really fast than it used to.

Steve sighed. "They're going to destroy the whole city and its people tonight. So if you can move all of them here, it would be a safe haven and they wouldn't die. I promise you I won't betray Willowplace. I will wait for you," he said quietly.

Will, Steve and I jogged to the streets back, and we went separate ways. Steve was with me. He said he wanted to make sure no Guardian could hurt me with their weapons upon reaching the building next to school. We did meet a few Guardians but they paid us no attention because Steve was their leader. It was not strange to see a leader going for a walk with a girl. Not strange. When we got to the front school gate, he placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Most of the Guardians would be gone in a moment, they are gathering for the Big Attack. Good luck," he said and he was gone.

I did not hesitate, afraid that any Guardian might be patrolling around. I made it to the building without any noise. I almost laughed because I thought this was absolutely crazy of me, sneaking away to save my friends. I saw a small wooden log and picked it up. Maybe it would be useful. I went to the back of the building and noticed a Guardian leaning against the door. This was going to be hard. I took some of the pebbles on the ground and threw them forward so that it would produce a noise.

The Guardian was aware of it and he went to the place where I threw the pebbles. He looked dangerous. I lifted the log I had picked and hit him in the back repeatedly, full force. He was still conscious, so I gave a blow to his exposed neck where the helmet did not cover it and he went slack to the ground. I quickly went to the door and unlocked it.

There, my friends were staring wide-eyed at me. They were about to cheer up on me when I put my finger to my lips. I shook my head and gestured them to follow me. I did not have time to enjoy this little triumph with Helena because we had no much time. When they were all closing to me, I started to whisper so that everyone could hear.

"Everyone, you must go to a hut - an old broken one - near the stream at the end of the forest near the street. They're going to finish up our city and we are gathering everyone there, at the hut," I said.

Their faces were sad, some were angry. But they all understood and I started leading them to towards the forest. I could see no Guardians and all the houses were empty because their doors were opening widely. Oh, if the Puissants knew there was a traitor among them, they would be furious. I smiled at that. But my smile vanished instantly when I saw a rocket ship launching straight to our school. And BOOM! A few of the girls screamed and we quickened our paces. The attack had started and we had to reach the hut in time. It was a matter of time before they landed the bombs.

"Helena!" another rocket was launched, "You know the way to the hut! Lead them! And run!" I yelled.

We all ran while the rockets were launching like crazy above us. I hoped none reached us. I stayed at the back of the group, just in case. Upon reaching the forest, Helena took us straight to the hut without any difficulty. Helena, like Will, was used to the forest. I knew everyone was out of breaths so I kept shouting moral support for them. We saw the hut - and the citizens saved by Will and Steve were looking at us with various expressions. Everyone went to their families and hugged each other. I saw Mom and Dad with Will. I wanted to go to them but suddenly there were arms around me.

"Oh Rachel, you're safe," he said. I could feel his heart beating on my back.

I turned. "Oh hi," I said sheepishly because everyone - including Mom, Dad and Will - was staring at us.

He chuckled and let go of me. I went straight to Mom. I hugged her tight. She hugged me back and she was crying.

"Don't cry, Mom. I'm here. Sorry I neglected your words to stay inside and polite," I said.

Since the attack five years ago, Mom and Dad had asked me to be polite and quiet. They told me to respect everyone, especially the ones doing deeds to us. And they told me not to attract attention. That made me who I was today.

She shook her head. "You did good."

I kissed her cheeks and Dad's. Will winked an eye and I searched for Helena. She was with her mother, holding each other tightly as if someone would grab one of them and separate them forever. Helena saw me and she said something to her mother and came for me.

We embraced. I reached for her scarf in my backpack and wrapped it around her neck. She seemed fond of it.

"I thought you'd never come for me. Well, you usually didn't care about the world so I thought that was all and -," she started and I interrupted, "Shut up," and we both laughed.

After that, Steve guided us to a clearing field we called Small Willow. It was to remind us of the old Willowplace and there was a big giant willow tree at the center of the field. We made shelters and the stream flowing was our source of water. The land was so fresh, we thought we could build a new home and lived peacefully without Puissant knowing. They still did not know and we hoped they would never know.

Helena got married to my brother, Will. It was a shocking news to me when they confessed they were in love with each other and going to get married, since they did not show any feeling towards each other all this time. I also did not understand how could she stand with his annoying attitude, but they seemed fine. I always knew Will was a good brother, and of course he would make a good husband. We lived in the same roof, along with Helena's mother.

I had a good neighbor, too. I did not know he had two sisters. They always came to my house and chatted with us, making the bond stronger. The whole community took care of each other and promised to be united forever, as long as we believed in ourselves.

Under the willow tree, I was leaning against it and staring at the horizon. The guy beside me did the same. We were sitting and constantly not talking to each other. It was always like this, every time we met. I was extraordinarily shy with him and could not speak much words, being the quiet girl I already was. But he loved me, and he wanted to save Willowplace people because of me. He was not much of a talker, too, so every time we were together, it was as if the silence made us closer. He smiled, I smiled back. There were also times when we talked, so that we knew ourselves more.

"You know, Rachel... Someday I'm going to claim back Willowplace. Not me, us. All the people here. We saved ourselves from destruction and now we live in harmony. But for how long until they find us? Puissant, means mighty. They become arrogant because they feel they're the mightiest. We're laying low, for now. One day, we'll strike back," he touched my fingertips briefly.

I let him. "You're a warrior. You think like one," I said.

"We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other’s happiness - not by each other’s misery. We don’t want to hate and despise one another. In this world there’s room for everyone and the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone," his voice floated in the air, he continued "The way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way. Greed has poisoned men’s souls - has barricaded the world with hate - has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed."

I stayed silent. I noticed he was holding back a smile.

He did not stop. "We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical; our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost."

His stare was like a tease. And he continued;

"The aeroplane and the radio have brought us closer together. The very nature of these inventions cries out for the goodness in man - cries for universal brotherhood - for the unity of us all. Even now my voice is reaching millions throughout the world - millions of despairing men, women, and little children - victims of a system that makes men torture and imprison innocent people. To those who can hear me, I say: ‘Do not despair.’ The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed - the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress. The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and the power they took from the people will return to the people. And so long as men die, liberty will never perish."

It felt as if somebody had woken me up. "Wait wait... That's not your line, Steve. That's..." Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator.

He laughed really hard until tears came from his eyes. I hit him in the stomach and I joined him laughing. It was a long time since I cracked like this. I never could be open like this with anyone, except Helena. I was glad he was here. He had a crush on me before he went to Puissant, and I blushed when Will told me this. I remembered him then, the mysterious boy who was always playing with Will and I would be watching from the window of our house. I never got introduced to him and vice versa.

I came back to reality as I saw Mom and Dad holding hands walking toward us. Helena and Will were chasing each other. Helena's mother, Nicole, were walking with Steve elder sister, Sheryl and their youngest sister, Sarah, who was two years younger than me. They chatted happily. I could see other citizens and children started playing around the field, enjoying the evening. Some were collecting crops and some were lifting buckets from the stream.

Maybe our city was ravaged. Maybe we were penniless. But we were together, united as one. And we lived in peace and harmony. We had each other and nothing was going to change that. We were surrounded by love.

And someday, like Steve said, we would claim back our city and strike back. I believed him.

This story is from last year SPM English question. AND IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ALL ABOUT REBELLION. It was also supposed to be SHORT. And if I have the time *eyes rolling* I'd make a sequel to this. Seems unlikely -.- Enjoy. [Story inspired by The Hunger Games and Divergent so yeah]

Masa kecik kecik dulu....


Assalamualaikum and respect.

Ni nak cerita. Aku ni kan anak bongsu dalam keluarga. Aku ada tujuh beradik. Umur aku dengan anak sulung tu jarak dia 22 tahun JER. Then anak kedua beza umur dengan aku 20 tahun JER. Sampai lah anak yang keenam tu, beza aku dengan dia HANYALAH sembilan tahun. Sepanjang sembilan tahun abang aku yang last tu ingat dia akan jadi anak bongsu. NEVER. Muahaha *kejam pulak*

Al kisah, aku membesar ketika adik-beradik lain dah masuk alam remaja, dah masuk universiti. Masa umur aku dua tahun, Ablong dah kawen dah. Tu sebab dapat anak sedara umur dua tahun je lebih muda -.-" Kiranya aku membesar dalam kalangan orang lain dah dewasa. Tapi bila aku masuk empat tahun, aku sengsorang dah. Abang dan Amuh duk asrama. Ablong dah kawen, duk KL. Kakngah kat New Zealand belajar. Abcik belajar jugak di KL. Kakak kat UIA.

Ummi and Walid pun masih bekerja sebagai guru. Aku duduk dengan keluarga angkat, Ma and Abah. Diorang ada anak dua orang, Kah dan Afiq. Both dah sekolah menengah. Rumah diorang dekat je, so diorang jaga aku siang. Petang tu Ummi and Walid aku ambik... Dulu aku comel tau. XD

Tadaa! Tu lah aku. Aku jumpa ceruk mana entah gambar ni -_- Dulu aku suka pakai gaun. Girlish sangattt! -.- Sekarang memang taklah aku nak pakai gaun. Dulu aku suka pakai mekap. Gincu segala. Mak angkat aku tu ada buka kedai facial macam tu ah. Sebab tu la kot aku suka mekap segala. Kalau dulu, habis gincu Ummi & Kakngah aku main. Ummi la mostly. Lepas tu aku teringat, satu hari tu Ummi ke Kakngah ke Kaklong entah yang beritahu aku, "Jangan pakai gincu kecik kecik, nanti bila besar bibir jadi gelap, tak merah dah." Aku pun dah tak pakai lepas tu -_- Sampai sekarang pun aku tak pernah sentuh dah gincu. Lip balm pakai ketika perlu sahaja, ketika bibir sedang mengeringkan dirinya -.-

Okay. Memandangkan aku membesar dalam kalangan orang dewasa, so aku ni jadi lebih matang dari usia aku. Bayangkan, bayangkannnnnnnnnnn! Umur tiga tahun aku tengok drama kat TV, aku menangis bagaiiiii! -Sumber: Kakngah -_- Aku pun ingat jugak ah dulu, aku pernah nangis sebab tengok cerita pasal ayah and anak terpisah lepas tu bila bersatu kembali... Fuyoohh, sedih tau. #Ehekkk

Aku ingat sangat masa aku sekolah rendah dulu, aku selalu mengadu kat Kakngah aku. Nak tahu apa aku cakap?
"Tak sabarnya nak besar. Nak kerja. Macam Kakngah."
And then korang tahu Kakngah aku jawab apa?
"Adik, adik kena appreciate masa sekarang ni betul-betul. Nanti bila dah besar, mesti adik rindu sekolah. Rindu kawan-kawan semua. Bila besar nanti banyak masalah nak kena fikir. So, habiskan waktu sekarang dengan perkara-perkara gembira. Jangan fikir lagi nak besar. Cherish every moment of your childhood. Kalau Kakngah, terasa nak balik semula zaman sekolah dulu dulu..."
Korang ingat aku dengar ke? Aku terus dengan impian aku nak jadi besar, nak jadi dewasa. Impian ke? Aahh, kanak-kanak tahu apa. Tak tahu erti kehidupan lagi. Yang ada cuma main main main. Kawan-kawan. Kawan-kawan. Ya, hanya kawan-kawan. Tak kenal erti SAHABAT pun lagi. Dulu tak tahu. Tak faham. Tak faham erti kesusahan dan beban yang akan menimpa, tatkala emosi mengawal diri. Ahh, itu takkan difahami kanak-kanak yang berjiwa suci dan riang.

When I was younger, I wanted to be older. But back then I was just a kid. I knew nothing.


Tak sangka pulak bila dah meningkat dewasa ni, malah belum pun sampai tahap dewasa, dah terasa bagai nak terkandas di zaman remaja ni. So much for getting older, right? Haha. Aku rasa macam the joke's on me T_T Tak sabar sangat nak jadi dewasa, so this is it. Enjoy your teenage years, teenager. Tak best kan bila rasa macam ini. Kekadang tu rasa macam nak gila ada jugak. Cuma kerana secebis iman senipis-nipisnya, masih waras lagi hingga ke hari ini T_T

 HAAAAAAAA! Ini masalah utama. Perasaan cinta. Of course-lah, time remaja ni mula nak berkembang. Bak kata aku kepada Auni dan Alya, "blooming". Wahahaha. Satu hal lah yang payah, nak simpan perasaan cinta ni. Nak kena hadap orang yang dicintai tu *errr* tanpa orang tersebut mengetahui yang kita mencintai dia. Eeeeeeee gelinya. But that's the fact. Semua ada masalah.

Kalau yang berpendirian sekolah agama, yang say no to couple. Problemnya ialah? Terrrrrrjatuh cinta even though taknak. Dan terpaksa tahan perasaan sampai rasa nak pecah. Or worse orang yang disukai tu dengar-dengar cerita dah berpunya or suka dekat orang lain blablabla. Problem meh. Second is, yang tak berpendirian sekolah agama *lol*, yang COUPLE. Hmm. Gaduh. Break up. Putus cinta patah hati.

Hmm. Kalau ingat-ingat, dulu masa kecik-kecik takde nak terjatuh hati semua ni. Semua pakat main je, siap main kawen kawen lagi dengan kawan lelaki. Bertempuk tampar perkara biasa, tetapi itu semua zaman jahiliyah. Wahaha.

 Friends. Maybe dah jumpa sahabat. Kawan dan sahabat ni lain tahu! Ada yang dah jumpa sahabat, ada juga yang belum. For me, aku sendiri tak pasti. Maybe sudah. Hahaha. Problemnya timbul bila kawan-kawan ni diorang jenis tak ambil berat. Tak nak tahu hal kita. Orang yang kita anggap kawan baik, langsung tak rasa yang kita ni kawan baik dia. Pernah rasa? Hmm. Lalala.

Ada pulak yang jenis suka cari gaduh. Then timbullah puak-puak yang memusuhi antara satu sama lain. Yang membenci. Yang menjadi rival di sekolah dan di sana sini. Aiyo. Bash di Twitter, Facebook dan sebagainya, seperti orang tiada waras lagi -_- Kalau dulu budak-budak, siapa biasa "Tak nak kawan" dengan kawan-kawan dia? Dulu tak tahu erti kawan. Sekarang?

Ada jugak kawan yang jenis tak reti bahasa. Orang tegur, nasihat tak dengar. Hmm, macam macam ragam.

Dan kawan-kawanlah yang mencorak siapa diri kita sebenarnya. Sebab kita banyak habiskan masa dengan kawan. Ada kawan pun bagus jugak, boleh berkongsi rasa. Ada sahabat laaaaaaaagi best, susah senang bersama. Menangis bersama, ketawa bersama, jangan buat aku nyanyi kat sini #Lol

Family? Hmmm. Kepada yang ada masalah family sahaja ya. Or mungkin terjebak sama dalam masalah kemelut keluarga. Maybe tak ada sangkut paut dengan diri kita, tapi kerana keluarga ada masalah, kita terasa sama. Cuit paha kiri, paha kanan terasa jugak. Huhu. Keletah adik-adik yang suka kacau kita. Bising bising. Mak ayah suka gaduh ke. Or terlalu pressure ke. Problem lah tu. Teenagers.

Aku tak ada sangat masalah family ni. So tak tahu nak terang apa lagi. =.=

HAAAAAAA! This is the biggest of all! I think. Bukan study sebenarnya, tetapi dalam konteks SEKOLAH. Nak study, nak dapat cemerlang exam, sebab harapan ibu ayah semua. Tapi pada yang sama kena urus itu ini. Urus masa. Ada kerja pengawas, kerja persatuan, cikgu suruh masuk pertandingan itu ini. Mana satu kita nak buat? Masa untuk diri kita nak campak ke mana? Huihhhh banyaaaak tuh!

Kalau macam aku, sibuk dengan segala bagai, pengawas siber lagi, persatuan, kelab, rumah sukan, memang kekadang aku rasa nak gila jugak. Lepas tu tahun ni memang tahun SPM kan, so sangat busy dengan kem dan kelas tambahan, sampai kekadang kena tinggalkan and then punyalah susah nak cover balik pelajaran yang tertinggal tu. AND THEN! Tuisyen! Bayar mahal-mahal, hujung minggu biasa ada program atau aku malas (yang ni tak boleh buat apa dah kecuali ubah attitude diri sendiri).

Then aku ni teringin jugak nak baca novel-novel Inggeris yang aku selalu baca tu T_T Tapi terpaksa-lah berkorban. Blog ini juga. Terpaksa update sekali-sekala sahaja.

Aim kita straight A+'s. Tapi usaha kita untuk dapatkan semua A+ tu terganggu dek kerana kita sibuk dengan menda lain. Huhu. Tekanan perasaan lagi. Dengan stresnya. Ya Allah, hanya Allah je yang tahu perasaan kita kan? Ya, hanya Allah...


The solution to all the problems is easy. Turn to Allah. He's never far away, put your trust in Him, raise your hands and PRAY. Subhanallah. Ingatlah, walau banyak dugaan menimpa, even dugaan yang berbunyi "dulu aku nak jadi dewasa sebab rasa bebas dan best tetapi kenapa bila aku dah dewasa ni keadaan semakin tunggang terbalik dan rasa macam nak pecah kepala dan nak menangis setiap saat dan nak memberontak oh tidak". Yep, that kind of feeling.

Aku pun dua tiga menjak ni sangat tak stabil. Bermacam perasaan datang bertandang. Sebab tu entri ini wujud. Terrrbaca pulak cerpen dalam buku Simfoni Cinta karya Hilal Asyraf, yang menggambarkan situasi aku betul-betul. Tapi yang menjadi perbezaan ketaranya, semua watak dalam cerita tu sangat rapat dengan Allah, tapi aku ni haaa? Dari situ aku cari kekuatan dan kelebihan.

Aku tahu aku kuat. Memang kuat. Tapi tak cukup kuat sebenarnya. Sebab itu aku kena cari sesuatu untuk kuatkan aku. Dan sesuatu itu ialah mendekatkan diri aku dengan Allah, lebih rapaaaaaaaat lagiiiiii. Rapat rapat rapat. Aku hampir jatuh, hampir nak tersungkur, tapi aku terpaksa kuatkan diri. Sebab kalau aku tak kuat, siapa lagi? Nasib baik ada sahabat-sahabat aku yang memahami dan menguatkan aku, tak lupa juga ada yang memberikan sindiran pedas lagi bernas yang punya potensi untuk jatuhkan aku lagi.

Mujur sahabat-sahabat lain tu mampu meng'cover' balik. Tenang di situ.

Tapi tak cukup tenang. Mengadu. Pada. Allah. Yang. Satu.

Semoga aku lebih kuat hari ini, esok dan selama-lamanya 

Jamuan Akhir Tahun di Awal Tahun


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

Pada hari Ahad lepas, iaitu 24 Mac 2013, ada jamuan akhir tahun, kelas 4 Bukhari tahun lepas. Sebab duit kelas berlambak lagi so macam taktau nak buat apa. Sebenarnya jamuan ni dah lama tertunggak. So kiteorang pun gi buat dekat A&W Pantai Batu Burok Terengganu (cewah macamlah ada A&W kat lain in Terengganu ni lololol)

Bukan nak cakap laa kan, tapi dalam A&W tu panas sangat OK! Dahlah memang musim panas sekarang ni, aircond tak pasang -_-" So memang kiteorang makan dalam keadaan panas sambil merungut. Aku tahulah panas dunia je ni, tapiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......tempat orang ramai datang kot. Takkanlah nak serve pelanggan dalam keadaan macam tuh. Jadi, A&W Kuala Terengganu, please.......untuk kemudahan orang lain. Kiteorang dah tak pergi dah pun lepas ni. Fokus SPM #Lah sangat

This is us, eating...well, baru lepas makan kot ni. Eh tak. Yang gambar atas tu tengah makan, harap maklum gambar aku tak nampak dilindung oleh Nani yang semangat bergambar tuh. Takpe takpe at least aku ada dalam gambar, tak macam CF yang sedang ambik gambar so dia takdelah xD Gambar bawah tu semua dah kenyang makan so ambik gambar lagi -_- Aku takde dah masa tu, gi dating ngan Wani kat pantai :3

Makanan yang disediakan ialah burger daging (two pieces of meat), ayam seketul seorang, air float (yang dah cair sebab terlalu 'panas', k). Then ada orang beli desserts, iaitu donat Big Apple. Nyamnyam. So kiteorang melantak sampai "se'ehan" bak kata Dini -_- Aku tak tahu nak explain maksud "se'eh" tu, macam terlampau kenyang sampai tak boleh makan lagi dah, haaa macam tu lah kot xD

Tomey tak baju Wawan titew? *ewww* Wawan a.k.a Wani atau nama sebenarnya Syazwani ialah partner aku dalam kelas. Aku duduk bersebelahan dengan dia lah. Dia ni lawak. Dan bengkeng XD Garang okay, tapi tak ah garang dengan aku. Dia pendiam je, tapi diam dia tu yang lawak -_- Kiteorang sangatlah cool, kiteorang cool cool~ #Trademark

Umm, kiteorang antara enam orang pelajar 4 Bukhari yang masuk 5 Muslim T_T Tapi dua orang daripada enam itu telah transfer ke 5 Bukhari kerana ada pelajar yang ingin masuk ke 5 Muslim. Orang itu ialah SM - Didi tomeyyy and Bayyin al kalimah -..- Diorang kira pelajar exchange dengan Nabil, Amir Khair, Izuddin dan Adam. Unik kan pelajar exchange ni? Dua lawan empat -_-" Misterrriii! Sebenarnya aku dan Wawan juga diajak exchange tapi....kami setia XD

Ni we alls~ Boys from left: Amirul Amir, Ariff Luqman (ketua kelas 4 Bukhari), Razin, Anwar (ex 4 Bukhari yang telah ke ASIS), Abdul Rahman dan Fakhruddin. Girls from left: Ema Evo Nur, Fieq, CF Nadira, Shiela, Liani, Tommy aiskrim (for the day), Piah osem, Dini oren, Diana, Didi SM, Alya misteri Zira, seseorang, Wawan, Piqah Bonda, Bayyin and Nani polkadot. Harap maklum gambar Aishah Munirah tak nampak sebab susunan manusia masa ambik gambar ni sangatlah aku tak paham.

Aku siriyesli tak paham motif gambar ni diambil. Adakah candid? Hanya Aishah sahaja yang tengok camera. Oh dan Nani. CF forever misteri xD Dini?!??!?!?! WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?! Piah steady sebagai ibu kepada kami semua wahhahaa #aku rasa aku mengarut sangat malam ni maybe lepas tensyen kot setelah buat nota Sejarah dua hari dua malam tanpa henti -_-

OH! Dan pada hari jamuan tersebut....baru aku sedari bahawasanya birthday seseorang! Birthday Tommy! Tommy selaku aiskrim pada hari tersebut, bukan kerana beliau sponsor aiskrim tetapi pakai tudung warna aiskrim pelangi yang paddle pop tu xD So, happy birthday, sanah helwah, selamat hari lahir, sengil chukka hamnida, ya Puteri Aimi Athira binti Raja Musa! Sweet 17!

Tommy ni sebenarnya orang panggil dia Temi kerana Puteri Aimi tu, tetapi setelah berkenalan dengan aku dan 'Ainul masa form 2, kiteorang telah reka nama baru untuk beliau iaitu Tommy. Lepas tu jadi Timmy Turner -_- tapi aku tetap panggil dia Tommy and she doesn't even care. Dia baik sangatttt, tersangatt. Semenjak kawan dengan aku je jadi jahat sikit xD

Semoga awak terus jadi insan yang solehah dan baik hati seperti selalu, Tommy! Dengan bertambahnya usia, bertambahlah juga kematangan dan keimanan kita, insyaAllah. Love you always, Tommy! Terharu rase awok gi Langkawi beli bookmark ke semue orang! Saye hepi sangat sebab saye kan suke membace xD Hihihi. Peace Tommy! :)

Selalu je kalau ada jamuan, mesti ada birthday classmate aku -.- Masa Form 3 dulu jamuan iftor, birthday Arif Hasanuddin (oh he was absent during 4 Bukhari 2012 party 'cause he had Physics class to attend)! And now.....birthday Tommy! Nampak sangat birthday aku takkan ada orang buat jamuan kelas ke apa sebab terlalu awal tahun -_-' Takpelah, itewww redhaaa jew. #K

Gonna miss 4 Bukhari. I didn't truly belong in 4 Bukhari, I originated from 4 Muslim. But I transferred, it's like a faction transfer *lol Divergent much*. So whenever someone mentions 4 Bukhari 2012, I never include me in, but I don't think I'm with 4 Muslim, too. It's just a Divergent true nature lolololol. But I belong with my friends in 4 Bukhari, my best friends; Alya, Auni, Nadhirah, Syazwani, Sofiah, Syafiqah, Sabrina... And those close friends; Dini, Didi, Tommy, Bayyin, Shiela, Nani, Aishah, Ema, Diana, Fieq, CF and Liani...

Sekarang aku 5 Muslim. Rata-rata pelajar dari 4 Muslim dulu. I'm really back where I truly belong, Abnegation. Lolllllllllllllllllllll what's wrong with mehhh xD Now reading Insurgent: Book Two of Divergent. Caleb hasn't betray anyone yet... YET! I wish he didn't ;^;


I'm just Normal. I have all those five factions in me. Peace out yo 

SHAMS itu apa sebenarnya?


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

Sebelum anda memulakan pembacaan, ketahuilah anda bahawasanya penulis blog ini ialah seorang pelajar Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Sheikh Abdul Malek yang terletak di bandar Kuala Terengganu, ibu negeri Terengganu yang fehmes. Sekolah ini telah ditubuhkan pada tahun 1984 (pengambilan pelajar-pelajar pertama). Sebuah sekolah yang banyak melahirkan pejuang Islam dan insyaAllah akan mengeluarkan lebih ramai lagi pejuang Islam, insyaAllah. *terharu*

Orang biasa panggil sekolah kami ni "Sheikh Malek" or "SHAMS". Contoh ayat; 'Awak sekolah Sheikh Malek ke?' atau 'Adakah awak pelajar SHAMS?' but I think "Sheikh Malek" is more popular than SHAMS since there is another SHAMS in Seremban -_- yeaaa, kebiasaannya orang akan cakap 'budak Sheikh' or 'budak Sheikh Malek', 'budak SHAMS' jarang tapi SHAMS digunakan untuk singkatan nama sekolah.

Jadi, apakah maksud sebenar SHAMS ni?
Mesti ramai yang tertanya-tanya apakah sebenarnya SHAMS ni, singkatan ke apa ke, ada maksud tersirat ke. Dan yang dah tahu, mostly tahu yang SHAMS tu Sheikh Abdul Malek Secondary School. K, mesti pelik jugak kenapa tak SAMSS? Kan kan kan siapa rasa pelik? PELIKKKKKKKKKKKKKK SANGAT?

Sampai baru-baru ini aku ke Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Sulaiman, wakil sekolah acara lempar cakera, ada-lah wakil sebuah sekolah ni yang berbual depan aku dengan kawan dia. Dialognya lebih kurang

Si A: SHAMS tu ape ah?
Si B: Sheikh Abdul Malek School...
Si A: Oh puh-lease lah...

Oleh sebab dialog mereka itulah aku rasa nak tulis entri pasal SHAMS ini. Terima kasih kerana memberikan saya idea tersebut. Dan saya rasa perlulah saya jelaskan di sini SHAMS tu bukanlah hanya sekadar Sheikh Abdul Malek Secondary School. Kiteorang tak heranlah dengan nama omputeh camtu. Takde makna pun. Malah lebih tak bermakna dari Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Sheikh Abdul Malek sebab tak ada 'AGAMA'.

Sheikh Abdul Malek Religious School.
SAMRS? K maybe not -.-


Untuk yang tidak mengetahui, marilah saya memberitahu anda agar anda mengetahui -_- Shams maksudnya ialah matahari. Shams itu Bahasa Arab. So SHAMS is not just a name, it symbolizes the school itself, a SUN. Not just a sun, a bright shining sun in the morning. Bagi akulah, SHAMS tu memang matahari sangat sangat sangat. Sangat special untuk aku. Sebab matahari itu sentiasa bersinar tak kira waktu. Tempat mekarnya bi'ah islamiah.

Dulu ada ustazah pernah cakap,
"Apa? Awak ingat SHAMS tu Sheikh Abdul Malek Secondary School? SHAMS tu asy-syams! Matahari! Ada dalam Al-Quran, salah satu surah!"

Bukan calang-calang singkatan yang dipilih. Nak bagitahu dekat sini, even nama singkatan pun kena ada makna tau *eh kenapa diri ini yang terasa XD*. Sheikh Abdul Malek tu seorang tokoh ulama' yang terkenal. Ada sebab kenapa nama beliau dipilih untuk dijadikan nama sekolah kami. InsyaAllah supaya ramai kelahiran SHAMS yang akan menjadi ulama' suatu hari nanti!

Adakah anda sudah jelas akan maksud SHAMS tu? Semoga SHAMS, matahari kami terus bersinar.... :)

Sebenarnya aku sentap mendengar mereka yang berdialog di atas sana tuh. Memang sentap gila. Tapi aku senyum jelah masa tu. Sebab diorang tak tahu. Tapi buat-buat tahu -_-" It's OK. They don't know SHAMS, so dimaafkan. Cuma kita sebagai hamba Allah ni, jangan pandang rendah dekat orang lain. Never ever do that. Jangan ingat kita ni tinggi sangat (saya tidak berbicara soal fizikal, sekian xD).

Saya tahu sangat sekolah anda sentiasa dapat keputusan terbaik Terengganu. Sekolah saya pun sama jugak. Tapi adakah itu bermakna kita boleh memandang rendah terhadap sekolah lain? Siapa kita ni nak tengok orang lain dengan pandangan sebelah mata sahaja? SO PEOPLE, not, ever, underestimate others. Because you never know them.

Hanya Allah sahaja yang tahu dan boleh nilai hamba-hambaNya.


OKlah, korang jangan sedih k. Maybe this is my last entry before SPM. MAYBE OK. Korang macam tak kenal aku. Tapi please make doa for me supaya aku stay istiqomah. Sebab sayangkan sekolah, sayangkan SHAMS, nak matahari lebih bersinar, aku kena berkorban sebanyak ini. Pengorbanan okay. Dan aku mungkin akan berkorban lagi.... Allahu. Doakan aku dapat buat keputusan tepat.

Doakan, doakan. Bukan setakat 11A+ SPM, tapi doakan aku jadi Muslim yang solehah. Muslimah solehah. Berakhlak mulia. Dan doakan aku agar mempunyai keyakinan diri tinggi dan percaya pada diri sendiri. Thank you korang. Adios.

Bertemu lagi di puncak kejayaan, 11A+ SPM 2013 

Total Eclipse of The Heart ♥


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

Total Eclipse of The Heart by Glee (Rachel, Finn, Puck and Jesse). Bagi aku, masa diorang nyanyi lagu ni, betul-betul meruntun jiwa. Penuh perasaan gitu. Masa Form 2, aku start tengok Glee, tapi lepas Season 1 tu aku malas dah nak tunggu Season 2, so aku stop tengok. But aku sempat tengok lah episod yang ada lagu Run Joey Run and Total Eclipse of The Heart ni.

Dua lagu tu berkait rapat. Rachel, Finn, Puck and Jesse nyanyi lagu ni masa diorang tengah konflik. Konflik bermula setelah Rachel ajak Finn untuk buat video bagi lagu Run Joey Run bagi jadi boyfriend Rachel dalam video tu, Joey. Tapi pada masa yang sama, dia ajak jugak Puck and Jesse jadi Joey tapi tiga-tiga orang tak tahu. Masa ni Rachel tengah couple dengan Jesse.

Bila video Run Joey Run dah siap, barulah ketiga-tiga orang tu tahu. So diorang rasa macam kecewa ah. Sebab Puck tu dulu boyfriend Rachel, then Finn and Rachel memang suka sama suka (soulmates) cuma tak de jodoh lagi *lol* dan Jesse tu memang boyfriend Rachel. So complicated. Memang Finn, Jesse and Puck marah gila ah kan sebab rasa dipermain-mainkan sebab Rachel nak reputation dia naik je T_T Oh sedih sangatttt :'(

See? Muka Finn, Puck and Jesse mula-mula confused lepas tu bengang. Rachel pulak innocent -_-" Aaaaaaa. After that, Jesse broke up with Rachel. SEDIH SANGAT DAHLAH JESSE HANDSOME (tapi sebenarnya pelakon tu gay, k bai). Ending of the episode, Rachel nyanyi lagu Total Eclipse of The Heart tu. Keempat-empat orang nyanyi penuh perasaan TT.TT

Then starting dengan Finn, semua orang beransur-ansur keluar dari bilik kelab diorang tu. Huu. Huu. Huu. Huu. Kenapa aku semangat sangat cerita pasal Glee ni? YA! Sebenarnya aku tak tahu nak tulis apa kat sini so jom kita hentam jelah tajuk apa pun! Hahaha. Tapi lama tak obsesi Glee ni, sebab aku mana ada masa nak catch up episode per episode ni. Kalau setakat Merlin tu bolehlaaaa, satu season ada 13 episod je. Glee ni sampai 20 tang mana aku nak studi pulak --" Satu lagi, aku tak follow dari awal, so rasa macam malas sket ah.

Tapi aku suka tengok Glee sebab apa, sebab friendship diorang sangatlahhhh oseemmm! And even though love story agak complicated macam Finn and Rachel tu, I can cope with that. Aku suka cikgu dia tu! Will Schuester, Matthew Morrison henseeemm! Cikgu dia sangatlah supportive terharu rasa :') Love life cikgu dia lagi complicated --" But I like Rachel and Jesse, tapi kesian dekat Finn takde soulmate -_- Sekarang ni aku taktahu berita dah apa yang berlaku in Glee tsk :')

Aku start tengok Glee lepas start tengok Twilight and Merlin. Wahahahahaha. Terrrrrrrsama pulak dengan Mai. Again --" Tapi Mai tak minat Merlin. Mai minatgilababeng Harry Potter and now she's so obsessed with Katniss being the girl on fire. Dahlah telah menghilangkan dari Twitter selama berminggu-minggu. Risau I dibuatnya. Lol. Orang dapat kesedaran lain, aku lain -_- Bila entah nak sedar SPM tak sampai lapan bulan lagi nih.


Another song yang aku suka dari Glee ni ialah Beautiful by Mercedes. The song's so beautiful. Everyone joined Mercedes, okay! Teary-eyed :'| Every day is so wonderful and suddenly it's hard to breathe, now and then I get insecure from all the pain, I'm so ashamed. I am beautiful no matter what they say, words can't bring me down. I am beautiful in every single way, yes words can't bring me down, so don't bring me down today.

Even though orang kata Glee ni tiru High School Musical, who cares? Aku rasa best Glee dari HSM -_- Sebab Glee ni banyak bagi semangat and motivation untuk orang yang tengok. The struggles tu kan. The dilemmas of high school students. Sebab tu teenagers je suka tengok. Tapi masalah orang dewasa pun ada jugak, macam Sue Clearwater Sylvester punya saiko tuh. Will Schuester (memang nama semua cikgu ada 'ter' eh kat belakang? -_-) tu punya masalah rumahtangga segala.

Kalau ada masa (memang takda kot, kena tunggu lepas SPM) nak tengok marathon Glee dari Season 1 sampai 4! Wahaha. Kena tulis dalam list "things-to-do after SPM". Ngahaha.

in the land of myth by the time of magic 



Assalamualaikum comel people.

Apa agaknyaaa khabarmu di sanaaa? Hahahaha. Hola favoritos! Lama tak update. Baru sahaja melepasi Ujian Sumatif 1 selama empat hari. Sehari tiga subjek, rasa macam genius pun ada jugak -_- Nak nak apabila Biologi, Add Maths dan Bahasa Arab disatukan dalam sehari tu. Alhamdulillah Bahasa Arab dapat A. Yang lain tu wallahua'lam. InsyaAllah A+ semua yang lain tu. Ngahaha.

Last week ada Seminar Bijak Belajar yang disampaikan oleh Dr Shukri Abdullah dan Encik Fitri Shukri *lol anak beranak*. Dr Shukri siap tunjuk lagi gambar family beliau. Sepuluh orang je -__- Yang bongsu tu umur 17 tahun jugak! Encik Fitri tu anak sulung. BEST SANGAT! Tapi tak menyengat, sebab aku duduk belakang T_T Tak sempat nak chop tempat kat depan sebab hari sebelumnya dah ramai yang tanda. Tsk.

So duduklah aku dekat belakang tu dengan penuh rasa kesal. Tapi takpe ah, dengar jugak apa yang disampaikan tuh. Ada sekali tu, Dr Shukri tengok apa yang aku tulis dalam ruangan "Cita & Impian Saya" and he made a thumb-up! OH TERHARUNYA! xD Masa yang last last tu, Dr Shukri suruh salam dengan kawan sebelah, so aku pun salam dengan 'Ainul, makcik tu pulak gi peluk aku beriya, sampai Encik Fitri datang nak ambik gambar, tapi makcik tu segan pulak. Baru nak merasai femes. Huh. #LOL

Aha! Dr Shukri ada bagi modul untuk kiteorang semua. Dalam modul tu, kita kena lengkapkan apa-apa yang kosong. Dr Shukri akan bagi penerangan-lah kira. So ada yang part last sekali tu, kita kena tulis janji kepada diri sendiri T_T Mula-mula Dr Shukri baca yang Nadiah Hakim punya (my junior cyberian). After that dia nak volunteer 4 orang untuk baca janji mereka. AUNI!!! :') Auni, Adni, Amir Khair and Afwan volunteered.

Lepas tu cikgu komplen secara bergurau kenapa takde volunteer dari line aku -_- Aku pun sengih jelaaa... Malu weh nak baca janji diri sendiri depan orang ramai. Biarlah aku je yang tahu. Yang Auni, Adni, Amir Khair dan Afwan punya tu, diorang nak orang tahu, so it's their rights. Still I respect them for being brave (and 3 of 4 are MPPs).

Siapa nampak akuuuu? Haaa tu kat belakang sekali tuuu! -_- Then, masa dah habis seminar tu, time nak kemas kemas, aku duk kemaskan mikrofon dan alatannya semua (seorang diri sebab Sabrina & Nadhirah duk bincang apa entah) sebenarnya taklah seorang diri sangat, ada seorang lagi. Ok sambung cerita, masa tengah duk kemas sorang sorang tu, Dr Shukri ada kat depan tu, aku pun apa lagi, berlari anak gi berbual dengan dia.

Bukan berbual kosong, aku tanya, "Macamana cara nak bahagikan masa kalau ada jawatan penting kat sekolah?" then Dr jawab, "Kena pandai curi masa. Kalau boleh, nota poket mesti ada selalu. Sambil sambil tunggu nak balik sekolah tu boleh tengok. Kena pandai-pandailah." After that aku tanya lagi, kali ni teragak-agak, "Dr, kalau kita stres dengan kerja lagi, dengan belajar lagi...macamana tu?" Dr pun senyum kat aku. Jari telunjuk, mata dia menghala ke atas.
Jawapan dia: "Mintak dengan Allah." *senyum*
Setelah mengucapkan terima kasih dan beliau beredar, aku pun menangis teresak-esak kat situ. HU! Okay, tipu jer. -_- Aku sambung kemas balik xD Sambil mencari-cari kotak mikrofon tak jumpa-jumpa. Lepas tu settle lah semua benda. Dewan dikemas oleh pekerja-pekerja sekolah kerana ada ujian MUET keesokannya. Aku pelik jugak kenapa MUET sentiasa berlangsung di sekolah aku, takde ke dewan sekolah lain yang kosong -______-"


Baiklah, nak cerita sikit pasal exam. Lawak jugaklah seringgit lima belas sen -_- Masa paper English, aku rasa semua soalan boleh jawab kecuali soalan last iaitu, "If you were to find a life partner, what quality would you want your partner to have? Give a reason for your answer." And I was like WHAT QUESTION IS THIS AM I TOO OLD THAT I'M BEING ASKED ABOUT A LIFE PARTNER! XD Mula mula tu rasa nakal sikit, nak jawab CARING tapi rasa macam terlampau lawak pulak kuangkuangkuang. So aku letak jelah RESPONSIBLE.

Kelas aku cikgu lepas awal, siapa yang dah siap jawab English, boleh hantar dan gi merantau ke tempat lain -.-" So aku, Wani and Sabrina berjemaah ke kantin untuk study Syariah Islamiyyah. Lepas tu aku belanja Wani air teh, Wani pun "Wahhhh baiknyeeeeeee!" Aku pun dengan muka baik, "Tengah exam ni kenelah buat baik..." LOLLLLLLLLLLL Pastu gelak dua orang. Dahlah tiga orang je kat kantin masa tu -_-

Masa tengah study + makan tu, aku tanyalah pasal jenis-jenis haji, yang ifrad, tamattu' dan qiran tu. Wani pun membebel, "Mana ada masuk! Tu pelaksanaan haji! Munasik haji je masuk!" Aku sengih je "OK OK, marahhhh nyerr!" Bila exam Syariah Islamiyyah start, hambik engkau masuk sejenis haji, haji ifrad! Siap ada niabah haji lagi! Habis exam tu, apa lagi terus serang Wani dan perli terlampau amat xD

Dan masa tengah exam tu, ada tiga orang yang jadi constant variable. Mesti ke tandas budak tiga orang ni. Ikut turutan pulak tuh. Pelik jugak aku. Hari first tu aku memahami. Masuk hari keempat aku tertanya-tanya adakah mereka sakit perut? -_-" Yang pasti mereka tak meniru, itu yang pasti :) InsyaAllah tak, budak-budak kelas 5 Muslim semuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baik baik x] Dahlah sepanjang exam ada je scene Sarah dengan budak depan dia lol comel xD

Sarah bekengggg! XD


Tootles and bubbles! 

A day out with Syafiqah and Kaktoi.


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

Hari ini sekolah aku (SMKA Sheikh Abdul Malek) cuti, sempena kebitaraan memanah yang diadakan di sekolah aku selama dua hari cuti hujung minggu sebab pemanah-pemanah dari sekolah lain menggunakan kemudahan asrama untuk menginap di sini. So kerana pemanah, kerana asrama, orang yang takde kena-mengena pun cuti jugak. Hoyeah baby! XD

So, aku plan nak keluar dengan Kakti. Ajak jugak orang lain, tapi semua orang macam tak nak pergi so malas ah nak layan or pujuk pujuk ke apa -_- Semalam Kakti teringat suruh ajak Syafiqah. Aku pun ajak lah. Janji pukul 8.30 pagi nak datang rumah aku, 9.30 pagi baru sampai. Dengan penuh kehijauan xD

Actually aku pakai baju kurung, tapi setelah Syafiqah menggesa aku pakai T labuh aku warna pink. Of course, aku #selamanyapink ngahaha. Mesej Kakti tanya pakai baju apa, dia jawab "Pepel."

Dalam pukul 11 pagi, kiteorang pergi ke Terengganu Trade Centre or TTC (kat Terengganu ni dah takde tempat lain dah kalau buat karnival ke pesta buku ke hape, memang kat TTC tu ah). TTC tu macam ada dua buah gedung. Gedung sebelah kiri tempat jual buku ah. Yang sebelah kanan tu, aku ingat jual buku jugak, rupanya barang pengantin. -_-

Pastu shopping la buku sebijik dua. Aku beli dalam empat buah, gambar kat atas tu dua je sebab yang lagi dua tu.....satu untuk Kakak punya birthday.....satu lagi....umm....ummm....takyah tahu lah ek? HAHAHAHAHA biarlah hanya Syafiqah dan Kakti yang tahu. Wkwkwkwkwkwk *gelak paling saiko aku pernah jumpa psssfftt*.

Then I remembered I had to buy my beauty products *lol* so we went to Mydin. Jalan kaki penuh liku. Syafiqah jalan lambat gila x.x Kakti mempersalahkan Syafiqah, padahal dia jalan sama lambat je. Saborrrrrrrr jelah aku ni pun. *oyt kalau korang baca ni, padan muka* Lepas tu, jalan balik ke Giant, nak gi makan pizza kat Pizza Hut sebab ada orang kebuluq nama dia Athirah Nur. #Athiwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa xD

Tak paham kenapa wajah Syafiqah terlalu eksaited. Never mind that. Kat Giant tu, jumpa Auni, Bahiyah (her younger sister) and their mother at Rasamas! So comelllll plus plus! Family diorang memang comel sangaaaaaat :3 Lepas salam ala-ala gadis melayu terakhir, aku pun mintak diri nak gi makan kat Pizza Hut. Aku baru perasan yang sebenarnya aku suka sangat makan pizza, terutama yang ada cheesy lava tu :D Memang pebelet op olll taimm!

Kiteorang order satu chicken chop yang Italian Herb ke apa entah, seafood lasagna, two soup-of-the-day (for Kakti and Syafiqah, I just tompang makan sikit sikit jewww), dua pizza yang personal/el punya, Island Supreme and Masala Supreme. Kakti beriya-iya nak makan yang Island Supreme tu last last pergi kebas aku punya Masala Supreme. *dendam* GANTI BALIK!

Muka Kakti masa tengah nak order. Bajet chomels lettew. Wahaha. Kiteorang makan saaaaaaampai kenyang. Oh air Twister Tropicana Apple empat gelas ye kawan-kawan. Gelas yang keempat tu aku order sebabnya makanan semua dah habis, tapi jam belum menunjukkan pukul dua, so nak kena lepak lagi ah dekat situ. Cakap pasal macam-macam. Ada cakap pasal kawen. Kahwin awal. Ahem.

Aku: Semalam saye tengok diri saye dalam cermin. Lepas tu saye terpikir ah... Selame ni duk gatal sebut pasal kawen awal, bile tengok dalam cermin tu, rase macam "Eh aku nak kawen ke dalam keadaan macam ni? Dengan tak matangnye...keanak-anakannye..." lepas tu bertekad taknak kawen awal! Lol

Kakti: Siapa entah cakap hari tu, tak nak kawen awal sebab tak nak dera laki dia... Yalah, kerja-kerja rumah, surirumah tak reti...tak matang..blabla..

Aku: Kawen awal, kalau suami tu umur lime tahun ke atas tua dari kite, takpe... At least laki tu dah matang, kite tak matang takpe. Ni kalau dah dua-dua kawen lepas SPM, memang tak lama ah... BERPISAH! Hu!

Syafiqah: Amboiiiii

Aku: Pastu jadi macam novel, bertemu pulak di Abu Dhabi!

Gelak semuanya. Lol! Dialog seterusnya menjunam ke cerita di slot TV3 tengah-tengah Maghrib ganti cerita Setia Hujung Nyawa tu. Aku tak hengat tajuk dia apa. Lewlz.


Wait, aku di sini bukan nak menentang kawen awal ke apa. Cuma yalah kan, kalau lepas SPM tu masing-masing dah matang, dan ready betul-betul ready untuk ke alam perkahwinan, apa salahnya. Hukum nikah kan terbahagai kepada empat, wajib, sunat, haram, harus. Tengok keadaan lah. Kalau korang ready, sunat or harus lah jawabnya. Kalau belum ready, takde ilmu lagi, haram lerrr... *macam tulah ai belajar tajuk Syariah Islamiyyah tajuk munakahat baru-baru ini wahaha*

Gataiii sangat ke aku cakap pasal kawen kawen ni? Alaa rileksla, remaja memang macam ni --" But seriously, benda ni bukan main-main. Ini benda serious. Tak bermaksud seseorang cakap pasal kawen tu dia gatai. Kalau macam tu, semua pelajar Form 5 sekolah aku gatal sebab belajar tajuk munakahat...kfine. Sepatutnya benda ni kita dah belajar seawal remaja lagi. Form 1 dulu dah patut didedahkan.

Didedahkan tu bukan maksud suruh kawen lepas final paper SPM -_____-" Maksudnya ilmu tentang munakahat ni didedahkan lebih awal. So para remaja ni lebih faham bila diorang dah dewasa. Dan insyaAllah bila diorang belajar, diorang takkan buat perkara di luar batas nikah tu sendiri. So zina, pembuangan bayi comel yang tak berdosa T_T takkan berlaku melampaui batas macam sekarang ni....

Nenek moyang kita dulu, kawen umur berapa korang ingat? Umur 24, 30 tahun macam mak ayah kita? Tak kan?
Umur 13 tahun dah kawen. Umur 14 tahun dapat anak.
Ya, bagi kita, sangatlah ngeri dapat anak di usia 14 tahun *taktau ah korang, tapi bagi aku agak ngeri T_T* yelah, 14 tahun tu baru Form 2...baru merangkak di alam sekolah menengah...nak kena jaga anak pulak oh tidaaaaaaaaaaaak! XD

Moreover, this is the time to LEARN about this. Nanti bila dah keluar sekolah menengah, dah tak sempat nak belajar, menelaah pasal munakahat ni. Orang yang memang ambik aliran Syariah tu lain cerita. Tapi kalau yang ambik medik, engineering, or anything else, and menuntut di oversea (bukan Timur Tengah) but in UK or US etc., aku rasa sukaaar untuk luangkan waktu just untuk belajar pasal ilmu munakahat ni. Ini, bila dah habis belajar, sibuk duk cari kerja, pastu bila dah kerja jumpa 'someone' then terus kawen.

Of course laa ada kursus kawen apa semua. Tapi cukup ke hanya sekadar kursus kawen tu? Tu je ai nak tanya. Hiks. *lempang sikit*


Apa hal aku melalut panjang sangat pasal nikah kawen ni?! Okay, don't get me wrong, but entah tetiba tahun terakhir ni baru ada orang nak sedarkan budak-budak Form 5 ni bahawasanya bab kahwin ni tidak boleh dipandang enteng, whyyyyyy batch whyyyyyyy -_- And duk melalut banyak sangat ni hari Selasa ni mesti kena bash dengan my girlsssssss erghhhhh oi korang diam dah ah Selasa ni k!

Kbye assalamualaikum 

Matahari kami bersinar lagi! SHAMS!


Assalamualaikum. Entri ini tak panjang. Enjoy!

Kredit: FB Smka Sheikh Abdul Malek, Edited by me

Kredit: FB Smka Sheikh Abdul Malek

Berkibar megah bendera Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama Sheikh Abdul Malek di persada seni *eh* padang Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sultan Sulaiman! Finally, after 10 years of winning, SMK Sultan Sulaiman lost to SMKA Sheikh Abdul Malek! 2-1, shots by Farith Ikhwan (Ainul Yasmin's brother) and Nabil Asyraf, our 5 Muslim monitor! Uuuuu so happy! :D

Kredit: batch's FB

Now who dare says 'SEKOLAH AGAMA' cannot play sports this WELL? Siapa berani cakap yang budak-budak sekolah agama kaki bangku? And you're saying SHAMS is so lembik, only good in academics? Sungguh dengkel pemikiran sekalian manusia di muka bumi ini. We're not showing off, we're just showing to everyone else that our so-called 'sekolah agama' can also be active in sports, and it's awesome if we're good in both academics and sports. Double the kudos! Bolehlah buang jauh-jauh slogan "Eleh budak Sheikh Malek lembik, bersukan pun tak." Slogan ke? Eh? Hahaha. Lekatkan, semaikan dalam otak anda itu, "Anyone can succeed if they work hard for it." Not this; Anyone who's good in academics is so slow in sports and inactive. Jangan stereotype sangat, don't be too prejudice.

Alhamdulillah atas kejayaan ini. Seeeeeeeeeeeeee? Kita mintak, Allah bagiiiiiiii! :D Alhamdulillah, syukur sangat sangat. Oh, dan jangan disebabkan Sheikh Malek menang, Sultan Sulaiman dan Sheikh Malek bergaduh segala --" Adat permainanlah, ada kalah ada menang. Jagalah hubungan sesama saudara kita! Peace.

Engkaulah matahari kami, SHAMS takkan luput di ingatan