"Adik pandai cakap English tak?"


"Cuba cakap."



Throughout my years of education, I remember all of my English teachers, since English is my favourite subject.

Standard 1: Teacher Hasnah
Standard 2: Teacher Zaini
Standard 3: Sir Naziron
Standard 4: Sir Tan Yew Ghee
Standard 5: Teacher Wan Noor Khalbi
Standard 6: Teacher Wan Noor Khalbi

Form 1: Teacher Shafizahnoor
Form 2: Teacher Najmiah
Form 3: Teacher Shafizahnoor
Form 4: Sir Nasarudin
Form 5: Teacher Mahshuri

PASUM Sem 1: Miss Sakila and Teacher Ifah
PASUM Sem 2: Miss Suhaila

They were/are my favourite teachers, since you know, English is my most favourable subject...and I was/am close to them. I don't know why, there's this fierce passion in me for English and its literature and its people.

It is kind of amazing having a deep crush on English. I'd have to thank the books I read. I didn't even know I was going to be a reader back then ;) But even if I wasn't a reader, I'd still love English. The books are just catalysts.

I remember one of Teacher Khalbi's lessons.


We were in class at that time. She was asking us classmates a question.

"What is the most important thing in a friendship?" she asked us.

"Trust." I blurted out.

She smiled. "That is correct, it's important. But not the MOST important."

"Honesty!" Someone else shouted, I think it was Farhana or Aliuddin or someone hahaha


"It's a word you use every day in your life." Teacher added.

We were thinking, hard (or was it only me? Lol).

There were a few more answers from my fellow classmates, but they were not the right ones.

"It starts with the letter L."

And then it dawned on us.

"LOVE!" some of us shouted, including me.